Stay Ahead of Cyber Threats with SafeDNS Statistics Feature

Stay Ahead of Cyber Threats with SafeDNS Statistics Feature


SafeDNS is an effective internet security solution that offers a variety of features to assist individuals and organizations in staying secure while online. Among the most useful functions is the statistics feature, which enables users to track and scrutinize their online activity in real-time. This article will examine the main advantages of SafeDNS statistics, and how it can assist in keeping your internet usage under control.

What Kind of Stats Do We Offer?

SafeDNS statistics feature provides users with detailed insights into their internet activity, including information on blocked requests, blocked categories, blocked domains, and more. This information is presented in an easy-to-read format, allowing users to quickly identify potential threats and take appropriate action to protect themselves.

Can We Export Them?

Yes, SafeDNS statistics can be easily exported to CSV format, making it easy to share this information with other stakeholders or analyze it in more detail using third-party software.

Are There Monthly Reports?

Yes, SafeDNS provides monthly reports that summarize internet activity for the previous month. These reports are customizable, allowing users to select the specific data points they want to include, and can be automatically generated and sent via email.

How Long Are Stats Archived For?

SafeDNS statistics are archived for up to 12 months, allowing users to track trends and identify patterns in their internet activity over an extended period.

What’s the Difference Between Detailed and General Stats?

SafeDNS provides two types of statistics: general and detailed. General statistics provide an overview of internet activity, including the number of requests, blocked requests, and blocked categories. Detailed statistics provide more granular information, including the specific domains and URLs that were blocked.

How Long Does it Take for the Stats to Update?

SafeDNS statistics are updated in real-time, within 5-7 minutes of internet activity. This implies that users can swiftly detect possible threats or suspicious actions and counteract or block them before they develop into a more significant concern.

In conclusion, the SafeDNS statistics feature is a valuable tool that provides users with insightful data about their internet activity. With the option to customize, archive, and export reports, this feature is useful for both individuals and organizations to enhance their online security and make informed decisions regarding their internet usage.

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