Simplify Account Management with SafeDNS User Administration

Simplify Account Management with SafeDNS User Administration

SafeDNS offers a comprehensive User Administration feature exclusively for our Enterprise plan users. This feature enhances your control and oversight of your SafeDNS account. In this post, we will explore how User Administration works, why it is important, and the significance of logging.

How does it work?

SafeDNS User Administration allows you to create sub-accounts, namely Administrators and Auditors, to manage your primary account efficiently and securely. Administrators have their own unique login and password and possess all the permissions of the main account, except for the ability to create additional Administrators. Auditors also have their own login and password but are limited to accessing the Stats page only. They can view logs and statistics but cannot modify any settings on the dashboard.

Note: Please be aware that Administrators and Auditors are intended for use with the Dashboard interface only and are not compatible with the SafeDNS Agent application.

Why is it important?

Enhanced Security: User Administration enhances security by granting specific access privileges to sub-accounts. With well-defined roles and permissions, you can reduce the risk of unauthorized access and potential data breaches. Implementing the principle of least privilege ensures that users only have access to the resources necessary for their tasks, strengthening overall security.

Efficient Account Management: Delegating account management tasks to Administrators allows for more efficient user onboarding, offboarding, and ongoing management. Administrators can quickly provision new accounts, adjust permissions, and remove access when necessary. This streamlines administrative processes and password management, leading to improved productivity and reduced administrative overhead.

Accountability and Compliance: User Administration contributes to accountability within your organization. By tracking all account actions, the comprehensive logging system provides a clear record of user activities, changes made, and the responsible sub-account. This level of accountability is crucial for regulatory compliance, internal auditing, and forensic investigations.

What are the logs for?

SafeDNS also provides a comprehensive logging system that captures and stores important user actions within the dashboard. The logs include details such as login/logout events, configuration changes made by the main administrator, sub-administrators, and auditors. These logs track activities such as enabling/disabling features, adding/removing entries in Allow/Deny lists, and more.

Additionally, we have created a helpful video tutorial that provides detailed instructions on how to set up the User Administration feature. This video will guide you through the process, ensuring a seamless implementation of sub-accounts for efficient account management. You can find it here.

SafeDNS User Administration and logging features offer a robust solution for effective account management and enhanced security. By delegating responsibilities through sub-accounts and leveraging detailed logging capabilities, organizations can streamline operations, maintain accountability, and ensure compliance. Explore the power of User Administration and logging with SafeDNS to fortify your network's security and efficiency.

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