SafeDNS: Ensuring the Most Sustainable Web Filtering Infrastructure

SafeDNS: Ensuring the Most Sustainable Web Filtering Infrastructure

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Recently, renowned researchers from Tel-Aviv University and Reichman University conducted a groundbreaking study on DNS resolvers and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. Their research uncovered a severe complexity attack called NRDelegationAttack, which poses a significant threat to DNS resolvers. This attack can exhaust CPU resources and cause denial of service to legitimate users.

The study identified major resolver implementations, including BIND9, Unbound, and Knot, as vulnerable to NRDelegationAttack. The researchers issued three common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs) related to this attack. Testing on 16 open resolvers confirmed their susceptibility.

SafeDNS stands out as the web filtering solution with the most sustainable infrastructure, as confirmed by the provided data. In comparison to other major DNS resolvers, SafeDNS demonstrates exceptional performance in maintaining low latency and minimizing latency increase percentages.

According to the test results, SafeDNS exhibits remarkable consistency, with a mere 4.65% increase in latency from the first NXNS Attacker. This outstanding performance significantly outperforms many other resolvers, ensuring users experience minimal delays and enjoy a seamless browsing experience.

Moreover, when facing the NRDelegationAttack Attacker, SafeDNS experienced an increase of 5812.8% in latency, surpassing the performance of several other DNS resolvers. Notably, some of the other resolvers encountered ClientTimeout errors in response to the NRDelegationAttack Attacker, highlighting the robustness and reliability of SafeDNS.

These results underscore SafeDNS's commitment to providing a sustainable infrastructure that delivers exceptional performance, security, and stability. Users can rely on SafeDNS to navigate the internet securely and efficiently, while experiencing minimal latency and maintaining a seamless browsing experience.

To learn more about this groundbreaking research, including detailed analysis and findings, please refer to the full research article.

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