Q&A Session with SafeDNS Experts, Part 3

Q&A Session with SafeDNS Experts, Part 3


In the third part of our Q&A session, we address our users' queries and shed light on various aspects of the SafeDNS web filtering solution. From tackling ads on websites to the upcoming features, our team provides comprehensive answers to your concerns.


Q: I have started using your solution and have configured the router, and it is working well. I'm curious if I can apply rules individually to other devices connected to the router. Specifically, I'd like to allow access to one of the blocked sites on my computer while keeping it restricted on my child's device.

A: We have a solution involving the Agent app for your case. You can install the SafeDNS Agent on each device. This way devices can have different filtering policies at the same time since the Agent can work together with the router setup. Our Agent supports Windows, Linux, and Android. Here are links to the Agent setup guides: Windows, Android.

Q: Is there a way to block ads on websites? AdGuard DNS, for instance, blocks them, do you offer this type of feature?

A: Sure. You just need to block the Online Ads category on your dashboard in case there is a need to avoid ads.

Q: My family uses FireFox's solution for DoH. I need to know if you have a workaround to determine if your service is worth using.

A: Currently, the SafeDNS service does not support DNS over HTTPS feature. Development of this feature is in progress, and it will be released in the 1st quarter of 2024, so stay tuned for news and updates!


Q: We have been looking for a URL categorization service. For instance, querying google.com would return the search engine category. Is this a service you offer?

A: SafeDNS has a full-fledged categorization database and offers 2 ways of working with it: Categorization API and Categorization SDK.

Categorization API is a tool for obtaining a category from the cloud: there is no need for any resources for storing and operating the database. With the database being refreshed every 24 hours, Categorization API ensures that users have the most up-to-date information at their disposal.

Categorization SDK is an offline option, granting quick and convenient access without the need for a constant internet connection. Categorization SDK offers an increased network bandwidth, its processing speed is 70,000 requests per second.

Here is the article that provides detailed information on our categorization database.

Q: Does your solution work with dynamic IP addresses?

A: Let’s put it this way: we offer 2 features - DynDNS and DDclient. Both are suitable in case you have a dynamic IP address but your router does not have a Dynamic DNS feature. The difference is only in the way of working. With DDclient, you download it and within the installed client DNS is to be configured, while DynDNS makes your IP automatically update using a third-party service (for example NoIP).

Here are the links to installation guides: DDclient and DynDNS (scroll down to the DynDNS part).

Q: What can SafeDNS offer as an on-top solution for outgoing client browsing and blocking access to unwanted top-level domains?

A: You can block any top-level domains (TLDs) adding them to Denylist on the Dashboard.

Q: Does your service support the classification of URLs similar to Webroot? For example, I can query fanduel.com and get back a classification of "Gambling".

A: Sure, you can use our domain check feature here.

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