SafeDNS Website Categorization Database 101

SafeDNS Website Categorization Database 101

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Seems like it is high time to learn about the SafeDNS database, a solution that can be exceptionally helpful in making the services you provide even more attractive. Here are the essentials you might want to know about it.

What is the SafeDNS Database?

SafeDNS offers an encrypted database of millions of domains categorized into 66 different categories. The key purpose of this solution is to provide the category of a specific domain by its URL upon request. Our database currently contains 104 million domain names. Crawlers, along with data obtained from using the database, ensure that it is updated daily with thousands of domain names. We put quality above quantity and care not only about the number of domains added daily, but also pay great attention to the URL classification and categorization process to ensure that it is detailed and seamless.

Access Options & Use Cases

We offer three convenient ways to access the SafeDNS database.

The first way of accessing the database is Categorization API, designed to provide developers and third-party systems with an online way to get the data they need. This type of access allows seamless integration with other systems that require site category verification. There are 2 subtypes of Categorization API: X-API and Y-API.

X-API is the easiest one in terms of incorporation and use. Its processing speed is 1000 requests per second. In order to maintain it, the data provided by X-API can be cached on the side of the integrated system for a period of no more than 12 hours. Besides, AI is integrated into the system, which enhances its capabilities. With the database being refreshed every 24 hours, it ensures that users have the most up-to-date information at their disposal.

Y-API is a combination of SDK и X-API, possessing all the best features these two options have. It is deployed locally within the client's circuit and installed in the client's Docker container. Y-API can be a perfect choice in case you need online access with a higher processing speed (up to 15000 requests per second) than X-API demonstrates.

The third option is Categorization SDK. This offline version is ideal for those who prefer to have a local database that can be downloaded onto devices, granting quick and convenient access without the need for a constant internet connection. SDK is easy enough to integrate into the final software product developed in C or Python. An advantage of this option is an increased network bandwidth. Its processing speed is 70 000 requests per second.

What Is This Solution for?

SafeDNS provides the option of using the database as an independent product in several areas. It can be particularly useful for internet service providers, endpoint protection vendors that have their own infrastructure but need a full-fledged and regularly updated database to be integrated into their filtering systems.

Another use case is database integration into DLP (Data Loss Prevention) and DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) systems via SDK in particular, and Internet providers in general. This option can be helpful in categorizing decrypted traffic to get deeper analytics and meet regulatory requirements. New Generation Firewalls and UTM providers can also have the SDK-type database integrated.

Since the processing speed of SDK is much higher, it is a perfect solution for service providers and platforms that need to handle a huge number of requests.

Our database, especially the X-API option, can be used both as a primary categorization tool and as a supplement for local market actors to enhance protection and the quality of foreign domain categorization. It is also suitable for solutions with parental control functions.

How Much Does It Cost?

Our billing system is flexible, it allows users to pay as they go based on their specific business needs and the number of requests they make. This ensures that customers only pay for the services they use, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes.

SafeDNS offers a powerful database that assists companies in managing web access effectively. By leveraging the SafeDNS solution, businesses can enhance their security measures and ensure a safer and more controlled web browsing experience for their users.

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