New Linux agent from SafeDNS

New Linux agent from SafeDNS

SafeDNS is proud to announce the latest release of our Linux agent. Below is the full list of release notes, here is the setup guide for the agent. There has been a complete change of design which now makes the agent more user-friendly. The supported OS for the agent are Ubuntu 18/20/21, Debian 10/11, Pop, Fedora, and CentOS.

Release Notes:


  • New GUI design
  • New debug option


  • Fixed conflict between dashboard and ddclient when using Agent on the same account in a public network
  • Update button fix
  • GUI launch fix
  • Install via Terminal fix
  • Reboot after update is no longer needed
  • Agent launches correctly after update and next system reboot
  • Fixed Agent icon in tray

We are always open for suggestions and conversations, so feel free to contact us to leave a review.

Meanwhile we have prepared a Linux Server Security Checklist for you, you can go through it and test yourself.

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