General Setup via OpenVPN Guide

Some devices are not yet supported by the SafeDNS Agent or cannot have it installed for various reasons. In this case, you can configure the SafeDNS filtering via the third-party app OpenVPN.

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OpenVPN creates a VPN connection using the SafeDNS Configuration file that contains all settings of chosen filtering policy.
OpenVPN does not change or hide your Public IP, as regular VPN services do, it only receives filtering rules from your dashboard.

Multiple devices can use the same filtering policy, but each device should use its own Configuration file.

Devices filtered via OpenVPN remain protected in any network.

The installation process is the same for all platforms: you need to download the Configuration file, install OpenVPN, and import the Configuration file.

Guides for the platforms supported by OpenVPN

1. Windows Filtering Setup via OpenVPN
2. Mac Filtering Setup via OpenVPN
3. Linux Filtering Setup via OpenVPN
4. iOS and Android Filtering Setup via OpenVPN

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