Enhance Productivity and Security with SafeDNS Schedule

Enhance Productivity and Security with SafeDNS Schedule


SafeDNS schedule allows organizations to set time-based access policies for their users. With SafeDNS schedule, administrators can easily specify the times during which users are allowed or blocked from accessing certain websites or website categories, improving productivity and compliance.

For example, you can set a schedule that allows access to social media websites during lunch hours only. If an employee tries to access social media outside of the allowed time, they will be redirected to a blocked page.

The benefits of SafeDNS schedule are numerous. Firstly, it helps managers improve employee productivity by ensuring that employees are not wasting time on non-work-related websites during working hours. Additionally, it helps organizations comply with policies and regulations regarding internet usage, ensuring that employees are not accessing inappropriate or illegal content during work hours.

SafeDNS schedule also provides managers with a high degree of flexibility in setting policies for different groups of employees based on their roles, schedules, or other criteria. It can be easily managed and configured through a web-based interface, making it easy for managers to set policies and monitor employee activity.

Overall, SafeDNS schedule is a powerful tool that can help organizations improve employee productivity, maintain compliance, and enhance security.

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