Complete Guide to SafeDNS AppBlocker for Granular Web Filtering Control

Complete Guide to SafeDNS AppBlocker for Granular Web Filtering Control

SafeDNS AppBlocker is a web filtering tool that enables precise control over your filtering settings, making it an excellent option to consider. SafeDNS AppBlocker has a list of 100+ apps divided into 14 groups for easier management, making it easier to block specific apps or ecosystems.

With SafeDNS AppBlocker, you can block individual apps or entire ecosystems or groups of apps/ecosystems. This gives you complete control over what apps are accessible, ensuring that you and your users are protected from harmful content and potential security threats.

AppBlocker VS. Categories

AppBlocker settings have a higher priority than Category settings in SafeDNS, which means that if an app is blocked by AppBlocker, that setting will override any Category settings that apply to the same app.

For instance, let's say you have allowed access to social media apps by Categories settings, but you have also blocked access to Instagram by AppBlocker. In this scenario, Instagram will be blocked, even though it belongs to a category that is allowed.

It's crucial to note that AppBlocker works one way only. If an app is blocked by Category settings, AppBlocker won't allow access to that app. In such cases, it's better to use the Allowlists to explicitly allow access to specific apps, regardless of their category.

AppBlocker VS. Allow/Denylists

AppBlocker functionality works alongside the Allow/Denylists to provide granular control over app and website access. While AppBlocker offers a more flexible approach to web filtering by allowing you to block individual apps or entire ecosystems/groups of apps, the Allow/Denylists enable you to explicitly allow or block specific websites or apps, irrespective of their category.

One crucial thing to note is that the Allow/Denylists have a higher priority than AppBlocker settings. This means that if a group of apps is blocked by AppBlocker, but an app from this group is in the Allowlist, the user will have access to the app because the Allowlist settings take precedence.

Whether you want to block social media apps during work hours, prevent access to gambling or adult content, or simply manage app usage, SafeDNS AppBlocker is the perfect solution. Its easy-to-use interface and customizable features make web filtering a breeze, helping you stay safe and secure online.

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