Using Categories for Web-Filtering

Using Categories for Web-Filtering

SafeDNS provides 61 categories, each can be blocked with a single click, categories contain:

  1. Drugs & violence.
  2. Pornography &  sexuality.
  3. Cyberthreats.
  4. Gambling.

SafeDNS provides a feature where the user can make a schedule of different time durations where they can block/access the specified category during the specified time duration.

The predefined filtering categories available on SafeDNS:

List of categories

Virus PropagationSites spreading viruses and other malware
PhishingSites devoted to deceive Internet users (fake pages from banks and payment systems, other methods of fraud)
BotnetsControl centers of botnets
Online AdsAdvertising systems and banner networks
DrugsSites advertising or selling drugs
TastelessSites containing excessive amounts of tasteless language or unmoderated forums
Academic FraudSites with plagiarism, academic fraud and etc.
Parked DomainsSites without real content which are temporarily placed at the domain registrar, often used for virus propagation
Hate & DiscriminationSite devoted to the propaganda of aggression, racism, terrorism
Proxies & AnonymizersSites and other systems bypassing content filters
Adult SitesSites with adult content, mostly about sex but without pornography
Alcohol & TobaccoSites selling or containing information on alcohol and tobacco
DatingDating websites
Pornography & SexualitySites containing pornography in any form
Child Sexual Abuse (IWF)Sites containing child sexual abuse images, criminally obscene adult and child sexual abuse content from a list compiled by Internet Watch Foundation/IWF (UK)
Child Sexual Abuse (Arachnid)Sites containing child sexual abuse material from a list compiled by Canadian Centre for Child Protection (CAN) as part of its Project Arachnid
German Youth ProtectionSites considered unsafe by Federal Department for media harmful to young persons (BPjM, Germany)
AstrologyOccult and astrology sites
GamblingCasinos, lotteries and other gambling systems
Torrents & P2PTorrent trackers and P2P networks
File StorageDownload archives, file-sharing sites
Movies & VideoOnline movies and videos
Music & RadioInternet radio and music archives
Photo SharingArchives of photos, photo galleries
Chats & MessengersOnline chats and instant messengers, servers of messaging systems
GamesComputer and video games websites
Social NetworksSocial Networks
EntertainmentEntertainment portals. Sites of cafes and restaurants. Other sites with information about leisure and entertainment
AutomobileSites about cars and other types of transport
BlogsSystems of mass hosting, personal websites, blogs
Corporate SitesSites of commercial organizations
E-commerceOnline shops
EducationWebsites of educational institutions, educational portals
FinancesSites of banks and other financial institutions
GovernmentOfficial government sites
Health & FitnessSites of hospitals, medical centers and health care organizations. Health portals.
HumorHumorous and entertaining sites, often tasteless
Jobs & CareerJob portals
WeaponsWebsites about weapons and army
Politics, Society and LawPolitical news sites, political parties and organizations. Sites of legal organizations. Laws
News & MediaNews agencies, media sites
Non-profitSites of non-profit organizations
PortalsCommon portals
ReligiousSites of religious and anti-religious organizations
Search EnginesSearch Engines
Computers & InternetSites about IT, software, internet and computers
SportsSite devoted to the sport or sports organizations
Science & TechnologySites of scientific organizations, information and news of the scientific community
TravelSites about tourism and travel
Home & FamilySites about home, family, and hobbies
ShoppingSites on shopping not related to the category of online stores
ArtsMuseums, art portals and galleries
WebmailWebmail systems
Real EstateWebsites with information about sale and purchase of real estate
BusinessSites on various issues of business and economics
KidsSites for children
Trackers & AnalyticsWeb analytics systems, including systems for tracking users
Crypto MiningSites stealthily mining crypto currencies
Online LibrariesSites of online libraries
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