Top 10 tools to prevent cyberattacks

Top 10 tools to prevent cyberattacks

In 2020 many companies paid huge fines and even went out of business because their systems had been hacked. Don’t lose your business because of growing cyberthreats, use well-tried protection tools.

1.     Teach your staff to check:

- links

- email addresses

- those who they send confidential information to

2. Eliminate all software vulnerabilities

Invest into up-to-date solutions to control all software.

3. Protect endpoints

Laptops, tablets and phones remotely connected to a corporate network are a gateway to the company’s security system for cyber crooks. Make sure your endpoints are protected. Content filtering can help you do it.

4. Install a firewall

Using a firewall for your network is an efficient method of protection against cyberattacks.

5. Have data backup

This will prevent you from losing data and from financial losses.

6.  Control access to your systems

Prevent data loss through people who have access to your devices, as well as cybercriminals’ hacks.

Imagine someone comes to your company and inserts an infected USB-key into one of your computers, and there you go, your whole network is infected. Or worse, hacked.

7.  Provide Wi-Fi security

Devices posing a threat to your system security can connect via weakly protected Wi-Fi. There are thousands of such cyberdevices! Are you sure there’s not a single one connected to your Wi-Fi network right now? If not, take measures immediately. The best solution is to install content filtering.

8. Personal account data for every employee

Several employees using one and the same account to log into your system is a threat to your business. The rule is, each user must have their own account.

9.  Access Control

Data security is in your own hands: a role model with different access levels for an administrator and staff. Your business is your responsibility. No unauthorized software on corporate computers!

10.  Different passwords for each app

One hacked password, and the security of all of your systems is at stake.

Use up-to-date reliable solutions for protection from cyberthreats.

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