Three Must-Have Tools for  MSP-Providers

Three Must-Have Tools for MSP-Providers

We know that MSPs face multiple challenges when protecting their clients’ internet environment. The level of cybersecurity threats rises every year. They become more and more advanced making the job even more difficult.In these conditions MSPs need a reliable cybersecurity strategy to guarantee a robust infrastructure.Three must-have tools for MSP-providers

Email security

Email security tools help detect threats in real time and provide automated advanced protection against targeted attacks, unauthorized access, account takeover or data theft. These tools also offer protection from spam, malware, ransomware, viruses and other cyberthreats spread via email.

Endpoint Protection

MSPs must provide end users with comprehensive environment protection from a number of threats thus protecting employees’ workplaces as the most fragile part of the clients’ IT infrastructure.Endpoint protection can help repel cyberattacks at the same time keeping company data secure and preventing money loss from hacker attacks. The estimated worldwide damages from WannaCry cyberattack alone are over $4 billion.

Internet Filtering

Internet filtering allows MSPs to protect their clients from unwanted content and block access to it, providing a wide range of options from parental control to disabling social networks for office employees. Even high traffic domains and websites such as social networks and games can be successfully blocked with the help of this tool. At the same time MSP-providers have an opportunity to sell our solutions under their brand name optimizing their work and enhancing their reputation.

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