Q&A Session with SafeDNS Experts, Part 2

Q&A Session with SafeDNS Experts, Part 2


Welcome to the second part of the Q&A session with our experts, Tom Hall and Alex Biushkin! Today, they are addressing your questions and concerns regarding SafeDNS home products.


Q: Do you have a home product?

A: Sure, we offer two plans for home use: Safe Home and Safe Family. Both plans provide you with the possibility to use the service for an unlimited number of users, have access to Wi-Fi router filtering support, and receive internet usage statistics. Also, both plans guarantee 24/7 support.

Q: Is there a home plan that will force a safe search on Google?

A: Force Safe Search is an additional option available on home plans. It can be turned on in the following way: Settings > Advanced. With this option enabled, all requests to Google or other search engines will be forced to use the Safe Search filter.

Q: Will SafeDNS allow me to block platforms like Discord (both app and website), adult content sites, etc.?

A: Yes, sure! Just choose which category exactly you want to block in the Categories section. Also, you can restrict access to all the domains associated with a specific service in the App Blocker section with a single click.

Q: All I need is something to block pornography and violence on my home Wi-Fi server. Will the SafeHome plan work? Or do I need the SafeFamily plan?

A: The Safe Home plan will be quite enough for you to filter inappropriate content. Safe Family will suit you as well, it offers a few more features: Agent support; the App Blocker Feature, which allows you to block a certain app or ecosystem without blocking the whole category; and the Internet Schedule, which helps you to flexibly manage Internet access depending on the time.

Q: I’m trying out SafeDNS Home and have set up filtering on my router. I am also using the Safe Search option. The filtering is working well, but when I activate it, my Amazon Alexa devices on the network will not operate, although they are connected to Wi-Fi. Is there a particular setting in the filter options to stop this from happening?

A: The first option here is to add the domains of a needed service to the Allowlist, which is on the main menu. But if we talk about this particular case, you should know that Amazon Alexa is categorized as Computers & Internet (which can be found in the General Sites section). You can keep this category unblocked to always have access to the service.

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