Joop Solutions and SafeDNS at the Heart of 24 Endurance México

Joop Solutions and SafeDNS at the Heart of 24 Endurance México

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In the world of motorsports, every second counts. Similarly, when it comes to providing seamless and reliable connectivity at events like 24 Endurance México, which took place from December 11 to 13, 2023. The season-closing event witnessed an extraordinary display of not just racing prowess but also technological innovation, and Joop Solutions met the challenge by delivering a Wi-Fi connection at its best.

Joop Solutions took a leading role in ensuring that 24 Endurance México is not only a thrilling spectacle on the race track but also a perfect digital experience for visitors, sponsors, and participants. With a robust network infrastructure, Joop Solutions provided a total of 12 access points, serving 1,395 unique Wi-Fi and wired client devices.

With a response time of 23 milliseconds, users experienced high connection speed, which contributed to the overall success of the event. Total data usage reached 775.64 GB, demonstrating high demand for a reliable and high-performance network.

Safe and Secure Connection with SafeDNS

By implementing the SafeDNS web filtering solution, the connection not only remained robust but also provided a layer of protection against potential threats. The use of SafeDNS enhanced the security of the network and contributed to optimizing traffic, ensuring a consistently high connection speed.

For almost 6 years, SafeDNS has proudly partnered with Joop Solutions, offering unparalleled support and services. Together, we have successfully delivered secure and high-speed Wi-Fi connection to a multitude of large-scale events across Mexico, including fairs like BAZAR HOTBOOK and races such as 24 Endurance. If you are a Wi-Fi provider seeking to enhance your services, don't hesitate to reach out. Let us empower you to provide the best possible experience for your clients!

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