How can you recognize a phishing email?

How can you recognize a phishing email?

Cybercriminals use fake emails every year to con people out of money or confidential information.

How can someone without any knowledge in cybersecurity recognize a phishing email? Specialists advise to trust your guts! Besides educating yourself about computer security, of course.

Reading a letter, one must pay attention at details that seem off. For example, if this letter has allegedly been sent by a bank, then there’s a certain algorithm to it – a notification, invitation to use a safe information exchange channel, and of course, no suspicious links to other websites.

If the email you received makes you feel uneasy or seems weird at all, remember there are cybercriminals and phishing and contact a specialist. It is very likely a phishing letter.

When was the last time you received a phishing email? Perhaps there was a similar incident in your company? Take a mental note of such situations, go through details, find anything suspicious about them, train your intuition.

And by all means, install protection for incoming email traffic so as not to become victim of cybercriminals.