Defending Your Network from 1xBet

Defending Your Network from 1xBet

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1xBet is an online betting platform offering sports betting, casinos, and other games. It is recognized as illegal in many countries, including France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Israel, the US, etc. That means internet service providers across the world (especially in areas where gambling in general is beyond the law) face such an online security challenge as restricting access to 1xBet resources.

The Elusive Nature of 1xBet

Blocking 1xBet is quite a difficult task since the platform operates in a unique way, adapting its functionality based on various factors, including user location and app version. This adaptability makes it challenging to employ traditional blocking mechanisms, requiring a more sophisticated approach.

The major aspect of 1xBet is that it has spawned numerous resources with similar themes and functions, operating under different names. However, it is important not to get confused and understand that all these resources are connected with or derived from the core 1xBet platform. This understanding is essential for crafting effective defense strategies.

Log Analysis

Our team analyzed the logs to identify the domains the app accesses. The impressive part of the way the platform works is its ability to bypass domain blocking. When certain domains or even lists of domains are blocked, the 1xBet app resumes its operation within minutes. It either gets new sources during updates or requests domains from specific sources.

Location-Based Adaptability

The app's behavior is also influenced by the user's location. By checking the device's location, 1xBet selects the appropriate display language. We must say that changing the language doesn't significantly affect the domains the app accesses. In cases where the device's location differs from the Geo IP-based one, the app requests permission to access data from Geo IP or GPS, and depending on the location, it accesses different domain names.

Domain Generation Algorithm

During research, it was discovered that all identified domains constantly change depending on the app version and are generated using a domain generation algorithm. Besides, similar or previously used domains were found to be utilized by other apps that resemble or relate to 1xBet.

SafeDNS' Proactive Approach

It is essential to highlight that SafeDNS is able to block both the web version of the site and the mobile app. At the moment, our team has fully developed an automated process to detect the domain names that the 1xBet app accesses.

We are also actively researching the ways used by the service to bypass blocking mechanisms. This is done as a proactive measure to stay ahead and anticipate any changes made to the app's mechanisms. It's important to mention that since the service generates many different domains in various regions to prevent blocking, not every filtering service can recognize and classify these newly created domains as gambling. However, SafeDNS is different. Our technology, powered by AI and machine learning, is capable of instantly identifying and blocking these types of sources.

If you have any questions or require assistance regarding the blocking of 1xBet, our team is always ready to help.

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