Death That Could Have Been Prevented

Death That Could Have Been Prevented

A tragedy that happened at a school in Surrey county in September 2018 left everyone shook. Frankie Thomas, 15, took her own life after being under the influence of malicious sites demonstrating self-harm and violence.

Why would a fragile teenager have access to such websites?

Turns out, the school filtering software had started to fail a year before the tragic event happened. The students at the school, Frankie Thomas among them, had uncontrolled access to banned websites using school laptops and iPads. During the investigation it was found that the school management was aware of the problem but did nothing to fix it.

School managers have to protect their students from unsuitable content. Internet content filtering software on all devices is a secure solution.

It will help protect children’s health and lives and avoid reputational loss for a school.

Protect your school network with the help of internet filtering. The software advantages include easy setup, security on all devices, compliance with regulatory requirements in education, remote control and complete reporting on websites visited.

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