Cybersecurity: Potential Threats in 2022

Cybersecurity: Potential Threats in 2022

In 2022 cyberattacks will be even more elaborate than in the previous years. The number of cyberattacks will increase, too. This is the forecast made by experts in cybersecurity, Check Point Research (CPR).

Attacks will mostly be aimed at supply chains for medium and big businesses. In 2021 Kaseya and SolarWinds brands fell victims of such attacks.

These are the technologies to be used by cybercriminals this year:

· Fake news

Cybercriminals will be creating and spreading fake news for fraud and phishing attacks. They are going to use AI and deepfake to make photos and videos with the aim to steal confidential information.

· Personal data theft

Theft of personal data of companies’ employees, clients and business partners is becoming more and more large-scale. Attackers are getting greedier, and ransom amounts are going to continue to grow.

· Using mobile malware

With mobile payment systems being used more frequently, malware attacks on consumers’ mobile devices in order to steal more will also become more frequent.

· Large-scale online attacks using new technology

Cybercriminals are keeping up with companies thatconstantly improve technologies and infrastructure to boost their security systems. In the current year criminals will be penetrating company networks using security system testing tools. Such attacks may lead to global failures in company operations.

· Cryptocurrency attacks

Attackers will be turning more attention to hacking crypto exchanges. They will be motivated by last year’s successful cyberattacks, Africryft hack being one of them. As a result of the attack on the South African crypto platform investors lost about $3.6 bln.Active growth of such crimes is expected this year.

Company managements should stay alert and work towards cybercrime prevention by securing every bit of their networks with the use of optimal solutions that will reveal and block more and more elaborate and global cyberattacks.