Corporate Networks of Industrial Enterprises Vulnerable to Cybercriminals

Corporate Networks of Industrial Enterprises Vulnerable to Cybercriminals

According to Positive Technologies data, over 90% of industrial enterprises are an easy target for cybercriminals. Testers managed to hack the security and penetrate the networks of industrial control systems (ICS) of most companies in the industrial sector. More specifically, over 75% of them were found vulnerable to criminals.

Positive Technologies analystsinsist that many industrial enterprises have a very low level of cybersecurity because of outdated software and lack of specialists in informational security.

If cybercriminals gain access to production process control systems, the whole crucial enterprise infrastructure may become subject to risk.

Having gained access to ICS, cybercriminals can stop the equipment and cause technological incidents in the production.

Because of this cybersecurity specialists must simulate possible urgent situations and evaluate production risks. The task is not easy, because real technological processes must remain undisturbed.

Based on the analysis of received data a reliable cybersecurity system must be created that will be able to reveal and eliminate cyberthreats leading to financial losses, technological accidents and even fatalities.

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