Alarming cybercrime stats in retail

Alarming cybercrime stats in retail

2021 has marked a rise in cyberattacks in multiple spheres of life all over the world. In total about 1,500 major companies both in private and public sector, government agencies and schools have fallen victims of cybercrimes. Retailers have been especially attractive to criminals.

In Sweden, a few hundred Coop stores have been attacked by a blackmailer Kaseya. One of the latest examples is a cyberattack on Spar store chain in England, which forced the shops to close for a while.

This year cybercriminals have attacked such famous companies as Guess, Neiman Marcus and Tesco.

In 2022, the number of such attacks in retail will continue to grow.

Experts believe that one of the reasons for such a situation is the pandemic, in the conditions of which company network hacks, personal data thefts as well as thefts from bank accounts happen more and more often.

The second reason, which is no less important, is that company managements refuse to increase budgets for reinforced cybersecurity. The funds allocated are minimal and although they do conform with the regulations in place, they are not sufficient for protection from increasing cyberthreats.

This is why the main task for retailers today is to develop a new cybersecurity strategy for efficient prevention of crimes, as well as to use software and cloud solutions dedicated to protect them from cybercrimes.

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