5 good habits to up your cybersecurity

5 good habits to up your cybersecurity

1. Don’t forget to change your passwords regularly.

Don’t use the same password for a long time – change it. A very popular mistake users make is having the same password for all accounts. In the event of a cyberattack they all become available to cybercriminals.

When creating a password, make it stronger by using special characters, introduce a short code phrase. This will help you protect all your data from being hacked.

Before you click on a link, take a careful look at it in order to understand where it leads to. By clicking on suspicious ones, you jeopardize your gadget, because malware can infiltrate your phone or computer.

3. Delete suspicious emails.

Make sure the email you got is not phishing. Google the address it was sent from.

4. Ignore attachments with unknown file formats.

Don’t open messages or emails containing attachments with non-standard file formats, such as .reg, .scr, .exe, .hta, vbs. They may contain a code cybercriminals use to hack your gadgets and steal confidential information.

5. Use two-factor authentication.

It will be much more difficult to hack into your account if you install an app that enables two-factor authentication. 2-step authentication with the use of text messages has also proved efficient.

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