3 Threats in 2021 Businesses Need To Watch

3 Threats in 2021 Businesses Need To Watch

The current world pandemic and governmental travel bans have led to an increased reliance on online services for almost every one of us. We are almost getting bored and tired of these narratives. However, the level of risk for cyber-attacks has gone up and this reminds both individuals and businesses that boredom does not mean carelessness. This article discusses three threats businesses need to be careful about in order to provide crucial telemetry that can bear their security teams to rapidly distinguish and react to web-based threats.

Tax Scams

Most businesses are aware of tax-scam tricks, ahem, perhaps not the case outside IT departments. There isn’t a solution that works best when the weakest link is employees. Scams work because they are easy for hackers to set; additionally, it is more profitable for hackers to target businesses not because of their value solely, but also the number of employees, which increases the probability of someone being scammed. Scamming is almost always coming from phone calls and phishing, the latter is discussed below.

Phishing Attacks

Attachments from e-mails and links disguised as legit URLs can allow hackers to infiltrate an entire organization, steal confidential data and compromise an entire network. There is also a myth that makes phishing easy for cybercriminals sometimes, which is only junk emails are dangerous: an unfounded statement. There are different types of phishing, and you should know their modus operandi. You might be surprised to know that this sort of cyber threat keeps growing over the years despite the assumption that most employees are apprised of its nuts and bolts.

Ransomware Attacks

This is probably the most dangerous attack in cybersecurity, and perhaps the last step of a larger hacking scheme cybercriminals may take to extort money. It starts with some scam or phishing, then ends up with money being asked in exchange for encrypted or stolen data all ready to be published should the ransom not be paid. In the worst possible scenario, users are not able to see the ransom message and directives on how to retrieve files.

What to do not to fall for such threats?

A good start should be with a web filter. At SafeDNS, we recommend DNS filtering and cloud-based web filtering to avoid not only these threats but also many others. This does not depend on huge budgets; SafeDNS is a cost-effective solution, offering premium and advanced filtering features. You can start for free or talk to a SafeDNS expert now to know more.

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