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3 Reasons For Vendors & OEMs To Integrate Web Filtering Into Their Solutions

Too often the focus is on the end-users of cybersecurity solutions—businesses, homes, schools, Wi-Fi owners, etc.—while talking about web filtering and its benefits. However, many software and hardware vendors, and original equipment manufacturers (OEM) tend to neglect this aspect themselves when offering their products and services. In fact, apart from humans’ cybersecurity unawareness, hackers usually use manufacturing defects, source codes, or cheap devices with poorly integrated security features to launch their attacks.  This article discusses three benefits web filtering can provide if integrated into OEMs' and software/hardware vendors' solutions.

Scalability and Credibility

Hardware/software vendors and OEMs need to offer solutions that can cope with technological, economic, and environmental changes, as outdated systems or modules can cause havoc on their side and the clients’. For example, solutions or products vulnerable, through Covid19 and remote settings, to advanced malware, botnets, and sophisticated ransomware attacks that can compromise millions of data and cost lots of money. Losing money is not the only issue, as, for an OEM/vendor, this might mean closing shops or seriously damaging brand reputation too.

Compliance and Added Value

Recurrent ads showing up on your guests’ screen while they are on (un)secured websites—gambling, porn, and whatnots—is fine as long as they are adults. However, If vendors’/OEMs’ solutions/products can be used by kids, compliance becomes a huge concern, though this depends on the final reseller of those solutions/products. Rules and regulations from CIPA, IWF, BpjM, and the Canadian Centre for Child Protection are a few of the most important regulations to comply with. OEMs/Vendors can drive more revenue by integrating filtering modules into their solutions.

Robust Combo

Apart from compliance and scalability, integrating web filtering into a solution or product is an awesome combination. For instance, with SafeDNS solutions, an OEM or Software/Hardware vendor has the possibility to give their end-users a 61-category web categorization powered by Artificial intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning(ML). The beauty behind it is its deployment is seamless and perfectly streamlined with your needs and operations, which also strengthens up credibility and revenue growth.

Did you know?
Besides all the aforementioned benefits you get,  no CapEx is needed with SafeDNS. For instance, the module is completely free for Wi-Fi router manufacturers. All they need is to integrate the SafeDNS filtering module into their router firmware, which is a robust solution to have for SOHO routers, SME & Home users. 

What’s more, every time a router user activates the filtering module on a SafeDNS paid plan, OEM/Vendors get a share of the annual fee paid by the SafeDNS user. If you need to know more about this, kindly talk to our experts now.